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Australian Rhino Project

What is the Australian Rhino Project?

The objective of the Australian Rhino Project is to establish a breeding herd of rhinos in Australia - a place of relative safety and comparable ecology to their native home in South Africa - as an insurance population in the event of extinction of the species in the wild.

The aim is to build an insurance population of 80 rhinos in Australia and the plan is that, once conditions permit, the rhinos and/or their progeny will be reintroduced back to their natural habitat in South Africa.

Why are rhinos under threat of extinction?

Rhinos are being killed for their horns. The demand for rhino horn has been driven by cultural beliefs in some countries that rhino horn has cultural significance or medicinal properties.

The truth is that rhino horn is simply keratin – the same substance as your finger and toe nails.

How You Can Help

Your purchase of a limited edition Rhino Hat will directly help the Australian Rhino Project to establish a breeding herd of rhinos in Australia as an insurance population in case of extinction of the species in the wild.

Any contribution is appreciated and your donation will contribute directly to helping save a species for future generations. You can make a larger donation directly on the foundation's website:


How Plum® Plan to Help

The Australian Rhino Project and Plum® are proud to be working together to save a species. Plum® aims to help through fund raising and by spreading awareness.

Plum® endeavours to help educate future generations to protect our iconic species so that our children and our children’s children enjoy the beauty of these majestic creatures.

Did You Know?

Rhinos are one of the oldest living species on the planet.

One rhino is killed on average every six hours in South Africa.

Rhinos could be extinct in the wild within ten years.