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Adventure play to spark creative minds!


Children have a natural desire to explore their surroundings, create their own world and set out on new adventures. Adventure play will build your child’s confidence as they push their boundaries, developing new skills.

Up, up and away!

The Plum Swing Set range includes sustainably sourced round poles made from whole tree trunks which are stripped of their bark, trimmed to size and left to retain their natural charm and strength. Built for a healthy playtime and packed full of fun features, each frame will encourage year round physical and imaginative play.

The Plum Create Your Own Swing Set range is designed for the way you want to play. Simply choose your frame, decide on your colour and pick your interchangeable play accessories.

“When I first showed the kids a sneak peak of the Create a Swing package that was available through Plum Play, I was so happy to see the excited expressions on their little faces. We were long over due for an upgrade and for years Rylee had been asking for a basket swing like the “cool ones” they have at the public playgrounds. We sat down as a family and talked about what features they wanted most of all in their set. Although this part was quite difficult we finally agreed that a slide and basket swing were our top picks! Installation was a success and the kids have barely been inside ever since LOL. The slide and basket swing are both very generous in size and are definitely made to stand the test of time. I love how sturdy the frame is and very pleased with the overall quality. We now are the talk of the neighbourhood and the kids friends have so much fun here that they never want to leave. Thank you Plum Play they will still be swinging in years to come!”

Sam Walker, Mummy Blogger




Love to climb!

Free play helps children develop confidence and express themselves through problem solving whilst overcoming fears. A climbing frame can be watever a child wants it to be… a place to let off steam and create stories. Climbing will increase hand, feet and eye coordination and stimulate the mind.




Let’s tell stories, explore and make believe with friends!

With a wooden playhouse at the bottom of the garden, children have an outdoor hideaway that they can call their very own. Choose from the Adventure Playhouse to climb and slide, the Wooden Teepee Hideaway or Nature Play Hideaway for hours of fun play.




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