Activities for Kids To Do This Summer

Keeping up with children and their endless supply of toys can seem at times a little overwhelming.

Spring cleaning is unbearable enough as it is, without the thought of trying to de-clutter your child’s toy box. That’s why in recent blog, ’5 Genius Ways To Organise Your Home From Aussie Experts’ our top tip to organisation is to clean as you go, this way it doesn’t all have to be done in spring.

Children are continually outgrowing their toys; trends are changing and they want the next ‘it toy’ to play with. So instead of hanging onto the half-broken doll houses and swings that have sat in the back cupboard for the past three years, and are now completely covered in dust- why not get rid of them?

Plum are the active play specialists providing the fuel for active imaginations to flourish and grow. Our range of products offer quality toys, at affordable prices and are unique in that they teach balance and coordination in physical play, while also giving presence to a pretend and fun-filled fantasy world.

Providing for boys and girls of all all ages, be they 18 months or 18 years Plum has the toys for you!

Stuck with ideas on what to get your children heading into this warmer weather? Look no further we have you covered.

  1. Encouraging children to incorporate physical activity into play is critical for brain development, so check out our range of Trampolines. With colours and sizes to suit all ages, this toy is sure to get used all summer long. You can also choose between buying an in-ground trampoline or getting enclosures to ensure your children are kept safe if your busy inside cooking.
  1. All childhood memories include a sand pit, so why not get your child one this summer. Our range offers affordable prices that won’t take up too much room in your backyard. You can even check out our Plum Palm Beach Wooden Sand Pit that offers shelter from the sun so your little one won’t get burnt.
  1. If you’re too busy to bring your child to the park, why not bring the park to them? Creating a safe environment to play in, your children can get their very own Play Centres right in their backyard. With the option to choose from a range of sizes, it’s sure to keep your child active this summer and it’s a toy that won’t go unused!

By keeping on top of your children’s clutter, and investing in toys that they will get plenty of use out of will save you from the dreadful annual spring clean, and will give you more time to spend with your littles ones.

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