The Ultimate Easter Egg Hunt!

The Ultimate Egg Hunt

What better way to celebrate Easter Sunday than with a traditional Easter egg hunt?

Plum Easter Egg Hunt

The Great Outdoors

Weather permitting, there’s nothing like an outdoor egg hunt!

A garden or outdoor space will provide plenty of hiding places for your loot. Behind plant pots, buried in flower beds or stashed underneath garden furniture  are all perfect places to obscure the eggs.

Keep your audience in mind when looking for places to hide the prize. Up a tree might be just the right height for you but your little ones may struggle (unless you want to hide some eggs for yourselves of course, which we also strongly encourage!).

If you have any, outdoor play equipment also provides some handy nooks and crannies to hide chocolate!

Easter Egg Hunt 4

Be Clued Up

Little ones will love to hunt high and low for their eggs, so set them free!

Keep the suspense built for older children by leaving a trail of clues around the garden.

For the ultimate explorers, creating a map of the garden with a trail will help them as they navigate their way to the chocolatey treasure. Don’t forget the x to mark the spot!

Egg Hunt 3

Keep it Fair

Split children into teams or consider colour coding your eggs to make sure the littlest ones still have the fairest chance.

Egg Hunt 2


Happy Hunting!

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