Imagine and Role Play

Give presence to a child’s world of make believe!

Role Play

With Plum Play’s range of Indoor Role Play Toys, children can explore new interests and passions whilst learning problem solving and communication skills through language and movement.

Choose from feature rich wooden play kitchens, action-packed activity tables or traditional wooden dolls houses.

Cook up a storm!

For mini bakers to master chefs, Plum Australia has the kitchen to cook a feast fit for a king. Browse traditional role play kitchens or take a look at Interactive Kitchens, which are brought to life with sounds and animation. Looking for something different? A space-saving 2 in 1 Kitchen and Dolls House will keep children, siblings and friends entertained!

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Build new worlds!

A wooden doll house will keep little ones entertained for hours as they rearrange furniture and inject fun into a fantasy-filled world. Choose from Plum Australia’s traditional wooden dolls houses, or a contemporary 2 in 1 Wooden Dolls House and Kitchen combining cooking and drawing with imaginative role play.

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Play pretend!

Play sets inspire children to imagine new worlds and possibilities.

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Be inspired…

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“After nearly 8 years of being a mum of 3 kids the amount of storage we have left in our home has diminished. This means that when looking for toys for the kids birthdays and Christmas presents I am always in search of something that will not only get a lot of use but will be easy to pack up and store away. The Roar-a-saur roll away base simply sides under the bed after being played with. When it is time to get it out it is easy for any of the kids to pull out and it can be set back up in no time at all. I love that the base of the table can be flipped over to reveal a second scene and I am also really impressed with the size of table. A number of kids can be sitting around it at time so it is great for when their friends come over also.!”

Sam Walker, Mummy Blogger

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“When we were asked to collaborate with Plum Play, of course I jumped at the chance! We have a few things from their range already so I know what great quality their products are. When I told the kids they were getting the Plum Cookie kitchen, they were so excited! The reason I chose the kitchen is because Mason loves to watch and help me cook at home, so I knew he would love it. Their Dad did a great job of building it, it was pretty easy too! Of course it took a bit longer with little helpers who couldn’t wait to play! Our favourite feature would have to be the interactive element, using the Plumplay app as the microwave really got the kids excited, and I’ll admit I loved having a turn myself! It has been so lovely to watch both boys bond over their kitchen, and they love when Mum and Dad get involved too. It’s a toy that I know will last for years to come, as it’s perfect for all ages. My boys are two years apart and they both have great imagination for ‘cooking.’ Whenever anyone comes over, the kitchen is the first thing Mason shows them! I’d highly recommend it for any kids play room or bedroom. They will love it!”

Kate Flegman, Mummy Blogger

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“My boys have learnt so much about space, astronauts and space creatures with this space rocket…as it comes with ALL the accessories and small toys as pictured. Hugh is playing with the alien which comes in the huge set of wooden toys in the rocket.”

Eliza Hamilton, Mummy Blogger

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