Top 20 Play Ideas for the School Holidays! 

Looking for fun ideas to keep your little ones entertained this Summer?!   

Here are our top 20 play ideas to inspire young imaginations to flourish and grow! 

  1. Create a mini eco centre in your garden! Tend to the flowers and trim the buds! 15
  2. Cool off with a refreshing drink, make pink lemonade or a red fire engine! 6
  3. Bask in mist spray and play with the sprinkler. 14
  4. Build stately sand castles, construct towering turrets and don’t forget to dig out the moat! 13
  5. Make a secret garden den… adventure awaits! Wooden Teepee Hideaway
  6. Mix, mush and mould a magical, muddy mud pie and top it with a pine cone! 3
  7. Put on a puppet show! Sound the applause! Encore, encore! 1
  8. Host a picnic party for all your friends and family! 5
  9. Play with dolls and dinosaurs, create a world of fun! 19
  10. Slip, dip and slide! Enjoy the ride! 12
  11. Look out for birds and identify all the breeds! 10
  12. Make water bombs! Splish and splash! 2
  13. Reach for the stars and jump for joy! 8
  14. Cook up a storm and bake special treats! 4
  15. Create an obstacle course, army boot camp! 18
  16. Learn balance, coordination, agility and strength! 20
  17. Venture into space on and explore far away galaxies! 17
  18. Post letters to your pen pals! 201
  19. Paint a masterpiece!9
  20. Scoot in style! 11

Plum Play wish you and your family a fantastic Summer holidays! 



Teepee Styling with @alittleatlarge – Featuring our Wooden Teepee Hideaway!

When we came across the @alittleatlarge Instagram account we couldn’t be more inspired by wonderlust and fairydust!

Writer and creative photographer for A Little At Large, Narelle and her daughter Tiah have crafted a profile full of cherished childhood memories.

We loved the beautiful beach vibes and couldn’t resist reaching out to see how they would style their very own Wooden Teepee Hideaway!

This blog entry below is a repost, originally written by Narelle at A Little At Large – 

JOY Teepee Hideaway

One of the things I love most about having a 5-year-old is finding things to do that ignites both our imaginations, but also creates an opportunity for us to work together to make the kind of memories we will both cherish.

With this in mind, we recently partnered with Plum Play Australia to create and curate our very own Wooden Teepee Hideway.

I have to admit to not being the handiest of handywomen, and my husband had never excelled in the “build it yourself” stakes either. So I posted the task on and within half an hour I had Andrew, my trusty handyman on route.

Andrew made pretty short work of putting it all together, while Tiah supervised.


With the building done and the excitement rising, we hit Bunnings to pick out some paint. Tiah insisted she wanted it to look just like our big house, so Cabot’s Beach House Grey was the winner, a water-soluble wood stain that would be easy to apply and just as easy to clean up little paint dipped fingers.

To the garden shop we ventured, where we picked out some marguerite daisies in bloom and two Chinese star jasmine that we thought would look pretty amazing growing over to form a natural floral arbour in time. A quick stop to Domayne to pick up some joy (you will spy the sign later), and also to Spotlight, for some tulle and fancy lace ribbon.

Completing the painting was the fun part. Tiah worked on the bottom and I worked on the top simultaneously, giggling as we went when paint splashed down on her nose from my drips and my feet from hers. Two coats and we were done. We left it for a few hours to dry and got our accessories ready for the part we both love the most – the styling.





With plants in place and a few choice bits from inside the house (including the gorgeous Sheridan fluffy Icelandic sheep pillow and a sustainable reindeer hide), we were almost ready for the exciting final touches.

A swag of tulle placed over the door (the teepee does come with a roll down awning that affixes with Velcro, we just embellished it a little), some battery operated festoon lights that we got for a song and the final piece – JOY- the battery operated light from Domayne’s Christmas collection that fitted snugly above the door.

Tiah was glowing, her teepee was more beautiful than we ever imagined and proud as punch, she immediately rounded up the neighbours, including Grace, the friendly dog from next door to join in the housewarming. We did not expect there to be jumping- well maybe just from Tiah – but when Grace joined in the festivities, I could not help but snap a moment I know we will smile about well into the future.


As a play space, the teepee is ideal. We have a small yard and its compact footprint fits perfectly. As for the materials themselves, we were thrilled with the excellent quality. Even our handyman Andrew commented, saying how well cut the pieces of timber were, no rough edges and everything fitted together so snuggly that he said it should last a lifetime. Thumbs up Andrew.

We created some beautiful memories building and styling our teepee, but the ones I am most looking forward to are the ones still to come. I know this will be a place where carefree summers will be savoured, where tea parties will be hosted and treats from the pantry smuggled. There will be secrets shared, giggles giggled and good times had with friends. And not forgetting Grace, who pops in pretty regularly for a snuggle and random joyful jumps.

You can win your very own Grand Wooden Teepee from Plum Play, head HERE to find out how to enter.  But be quick, competition ends this Sunday, 10th December 2017. Alternatively, if you’d like to purchase a Grand or Great Wooden Teepee Hideaway for your little ones this Christmas, use the promo code ALITTLEATLARGE for 15% off (also valid until Sunday, 10th December 2017). These dates are in line with Plum Play’s Christmas delivery deadlines, but this can be extended to Wednesday 13th December for Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Melbourne, Wollongong, and Newcastle.

Plum Play Gifts – A Kid’s Guide To Christmas


Christmas is just around the corner and we want to make it the most magical Christmas yet!

Need some help with your Christmas shopping list? We’ve got gift ideas with the fun factor to keep kids playing throughout the Summer holiday season. Browse our range of carefully selected gifts from play sets to ultimate outdoor climbing frames. From scooters to trampolines, we’ve got the perfect gift for your family!

This year, Plum Play® are counting down to the festive season. It’s week one and time to start our Christmas festivities!


You have the chance to WIN a Grand Wooden Teepee Hideaway which will arrive just in time to surprise little ones on Christmas morning!

Head over to our competition page for your chance to WIN! Plus, you’ll automatically be in the running to WIN 1 of 5 $100 Plum Play Christmas Gift Cards! We’ll be giving away 1 each week! Make sure you are following @PlumPlayAus on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date with our Christmas giveaways and promotions.

We’d love to see photos of your #PlumPlayPresents on Christmas day! Tag your festive family play pics with #PlumPlayChristmas 🙂

Plum Garden Games

Cementing the Bond Between You and Your Child

Here at Plum Play, we dedicate ourselves to helping children learn through play. That’s why we were thrilled recently when we were asked to contribute to an article about fun activities that parents and children can enjoy together in order to cement the bonds between them. The article was published on the Bupa Life Insurance company blog entitled ’12 Fun Activities to Enjoy with Your Kids’.
It was extremely satisfying for us to be recognised as a trusted voice in our industry. Our contribution talks about the power of role play in bringing you closer to your child.
The Vital Role of Play
Role play can bring so much value to your child’s life, and can also help them develop many extremely important skills. Making up stories gives your child’s imagination an outlet, letting them push the boundaries of what they can create. Acting out these scenarios has been proven to help with their physiological and cognitive development. Through role play your child can learn to make sense of the world, giving them a great preparation for the real life situations they will face in the future. It also increases their mental and physical and confidence, self-esteem and decision making abilities, as they learn to take control of the world they have created.
Getting to Know Your Child
Getting involved in role play with your child enhances the bond between you, as you can collaborate on the stories and act them out together! It offers you the chance to escape from your traditional roles of parent and child, allowing you to get to know your children as little people in their own right. This will build their trust in you and could even make them more likely to confide in you.
Fun for the Whole Family
We love to hear about the fun families have together with our activity toys like the Plum Peppermint Townhouse! It has a unique two-in-one design that is a play kitchen on one side and a doll house on the other. The kitchen in particular is perfect for role play scenarios as it incorporates all the features of a real working kitchen! Your little chef can put pans on the hob or chop ingredients on the work surface. It’s a wonderful way of exploring your child’s creativity alongside them, even if you do get stuck with the washing up!

social88 social43 social42 social21 social89 social90 social18Peppermint (front)



Activities for Kids To Do This Summer

Keeping up with children and their endless supply of toys can seem at times a little overwhelming.

Spring cleaning is unbearable enough as it is, without the thought of trying to de-clutter your child’s toy box. That’s why in recent blog, ’5 Genius Ways To Organise Your Home From Aussie Experts’ our top tip to organisation is to clean as you go, this way it doesn’t all have to be done in spring.

Children are continually outgrowing their toys; trends are changing and they want the next ‘it toy’ to play with. So instead of hanging onto the half-broken doll houses and swings that have sat in the back cupboard for the past three years, and are now completely covered in dust- why not get rid of them?

Plum are the active play specialists providing the fuel for active imaginations to flourish and grow. Our range of products offer quality toys, at affordable prices and are unique in that they teach balance and coordination in physical play, while also giving presence to a pretend and fun-filled fantasy world.

Providing for boys and girls of all all ages, be they 18 months or 18 years Plum has the toys for you!

Stuck with ideas on what to get your children heading into this warmer weather? Look no further we have you covered.

  1. Encouraging children to incorporate physical activity into play is critical for brain development, so check out our range of Trampolines. With colours and sizes to suit all ages, this toy is sure to get used all summer long. You can also choose between buying an in-ground trampoline or getting enclosures to ensure your children are kept safe if your busy inside cooking.
  1. All childhood memories include a sand pit, so why not get your child one this summer. Our range offers affordable prices that won’t take up too much room in your backyard. You can even check out our Plum Palm Beach Wooden Sand Pit that offers shelter from the sun so your little one won’t get burnt.
  1. If you’re too busy to bring your child to the park, why not bring the park to them? Creating a safe environment to play in, your children can get their very own Play Centres right in their backyard. With the option to choose from a range of sizes, it’s sure to keep your child active this summer and it’s a toy that won’t go unused!

By keeping on top of your children’s clutter, and investing in toys that they will get plenty of use out of will save you from the dreadful annual spring clean, and will give you more time to spend with your littles ones.

Introducing… The Plum In-Ground Trampoline!




Earlier this week, Plum Play launched one of their brand new products to the Australian market… The in-ground trampoline!


The in-ground trampoline has been specifically engineered for sinking into the ground, meaning that there is no need for an enclosure. The unobtrusive design blends seamlessly into the garden, allowing for limitless play!


With a galvanised steel frame, Plum’s In-Ground Trampoline promises extra protection from rust and degradation. The trampoline frame uses super thick, 2mm gauge steel to deal with the added moisture in the ground, giving strength and longevity.


Each trampoline leg is held in place with Plum’s patented Tramp Klamp brackets. The Tramp Klamps fit over the leg and frame joint, reinforcing the steel frame structure for even greater stability and protection from the elements. Shorter length legs help the trampoline sit flush into the ground and reduce the size of the hole to be dug.


Plum’s In-Ground trampoline is fitted with a vented jumping mat and safety pad, specifically engineered to reduce airflow through the trampoline and optimise bounce performance. It’s the perfect trampoline for junior gymnasts and aspiring acrobats.


Worried about dirt? Each trampoline is fitted with a retaining wall to provide a barrier around the trampoline, preventing soil and dirt from falling underneath to preserve the jumping space.


So, why should I purchase an in-ground trampoline?


In-ground trampolines offer a number of benefits including:


  • Overall safety – As the in-ground trampoline sits flush with the ground, the height off the ground when bouncing is significantly reduced. This means that off-track bouncers simply jump onto soft grass.


  • Garden design – One of the main reasons our customers love in-ground trampolines is because it blends seamlessly into any garden. It makes gardening and cutting the lawn a breeze, as there is no need to move the trampoline to get underneath. All Plum In-ground Trampolines come supplied with a green cover, meaning that you can prolong the life of your brand new purchase.


  • Encourages creative outdoor play – In-ground trampolines allow for children to add a whole new dimension to their outdoor games. They can use their creativity to form new outdoor games that incorporate the bouncy surface.


  • Great for first time bouncers – The Plum In-ground Trampoline offers free, open play, meaning that little ones can easily bounce. With an in ground trampoline, there is no need for little ones to climb up onto the trampoline and through a net to jump.


The Plum In-ground Trampoline is available in 8ft, 10ft & 12ft.


Want to learn more about the Plum In Ground Trampoline?


Head over to to find out more, or call us on (02) 8968 2200.


Plum Ranked Best Trampoline Brand!



In 2016, Plum were voted as the Best Trampoline Brand in a consumer survey published by Which? Magazine, the UK’s Consumer Association. Votes were based on the views of parents regarding ease of assembly, safety and durability.

Plum came out on top thanks to our commitment to producing the very best quality trampolines that are safe, fun and stylish, plus our dedicated customer service team who serve all our customer’s needs.

We would like to thank all the parents who scored us so highly above the rest and we wish everyone years of fun on their Plum trampolines!

In addition to this announcement, our Latitude Trampoline has been awarded a GOLD Junior Design Award!

Junior Magazine referred to the Latitude as having  “A striking level of excellence in terms of design and aesthetics.”
Here are the stars of the show – our top range of trampolines:
Latitude Trampoline
Premium Magnitude Trampoline


The copyright in the Best Trampoline Brands is owned by Which? Limited and has been reproduced
with their kind permission for the sole purposes of this blog post.  No other use
of the content can be made without the written permission of Which? Limited.

A moment with Ness from @fourcheekymonkeys – Featuring our Peppermint Townhouse!

It was love at first sight when we stumbled across the Four Cheeky Monkeys Instagram account. Interior Designer & Owner of Four Cheeky Monkeys, Ness creates her children’s bedrooms with bright colours that capture your imagination and dare you to dream. With vivid colours and the cutest little children, we reached out to her to get some styling tips & design inspiration for our brand new 2 in 1 Peppermint Townhouse

This blog entry below is a repost, originally written by Ness at Four Cheeky Monkeys –


When we recently tried out an amazing new product by global company Plum, it looked like the birthday fairies delivered a little early for our little Minky Moo.Four Cheeky Monkeys - Plum Play kitchenIt came in the way of a deluxe two in one peppermint townhouse/interactive kitchen – a unique space saving children’s toy designed with a funky retro edge.www.fourcheekymonkeys.comOne of the reasons why I love this product is because Plum is an environmentally conscious brand who ensures that all of their timber or timber based products have been sourced from either sustainably managed or FSC certified sources.Not to mention the fantastic space saving design that allows children to either get all master chef 101 on one side, then flip it to channel Neale Whitaker (my interior style crush) and go to town with their interior styling skills on the
www.fourcheekymonkeys.comfour cheeky monkeys

www.fourcheekymonkeys.comWith this amazing two in one design, the hours of non stop at home entertainment seem never ending with this little beauty residing in our humble abode, and the best part is I know how beneficial these play based experiences are for a child’s social and language development, especially in the early childhood years.

Since it’s arrival I have really cherished listening, watching and even joining my children play as they enter the magical world of make believe.

With that in mind, it’s tech free time for me now so I can go and check out what Indi is making for dinner.


Bye for now and thanks for stopping by,

Love  n e s s     xx #inthemonkeyhouse

To check out all the details of these cool 2 in 1 playhouses and see what else this store has to offer, just click on the link below.PLUM PLAY AUSTRALIA

educational benefits of pretend play (dramatic play, role play, imaginative play):

  • develops social skills as children share, take turns and seek help if needed
  • encourages language development, communication and can help to build vocabulary
  • stimulates creativity as children enter a world requiring imagination
  • develops both fine and gross motor skills when opening, closing, stacking, moving and mixing etc
Introducing… Zip Pay!

Introducing… Zip Pay!


Introducing… Zip Pay!

We’ve teamed up with zipPay to let you pay monthly for the things you want today.

zipPay is a smart and easy payment option, powered by zipMoney that let’s you shop today and pay later for your purchases.

  • Key features and benefits
  • up to $1,000 account to shop anytime
  • Easy monthly payments
  • Pay no interest ever

Shop better, faster, smarter online.


Frequently asked questions 

Who can apply?

Any Australian citizen or permanent resident, who is 18 years or older and is employed, earning at least $300 per week.


How much does it cost?

At the end of every billing month, you can choose to pay off your balance in full, or simply make a payment that suits your budget (note: there is a minimum repayment of $40 per month required). A $5 monthly account service fee is added to your account for any month you have an outstanding balance.


There is NO establishment fee to setup your account and NO INTEREST ever! If you have repaid your balance in full within 30 days you will never be charged any fees! Additionally, once you have repaid your balance down to $0, no fees will ever be charged to your account – it will simply remain open waiting for you to use again to make additional purchases.


How can I apply?

You can get your account here or while making a purchase at any participating stores.To create a zipPay account, all you need is a social media account and to confirm the details that you would normally enter when shopping online (e.g. your name, email, mobile, address, DOB and gender). Subject to approval, this process takes only seconds after which you can complete your purchase and pay for it later! Once you’re approved for your zipPay shopping account, you never have to apply again and can continue to reuse it as much as you like.


Need some help or have questions about zipPay?

Call us on: (02) 8294 2345
Or email us at


Read more about zipPay here



The Ultimate Easter Egg Hunt!

The Ultimate Egg Hunt

What better way to celebrate Easter Sunday than with a traditional Easter egg hunt?

Plum Easter Egg Hunt

The Great Outdoors

Weather permitting, there’s nothing like an outdoor egg hunt!

A garden or outdoor space will provide plenty of hiding places for your loot. Behind plant pots, buried in flower beds or stashed underneath garden furniture  are all perfect places to obscure the eggs.

Keep your audience in mind when looking for places to hide the prize. Up a tree might be just the right height for you but your little ones may struggle (unless you want to hide some eggs for yourselves of course, which we also strongly encourage!).

If you have any, outdoor play equipment also provides some handy nooks and crannies to hide chocolate!

Easter Egg Hunt 4

Be Clued Up

Little ones will love to hunt high and low for their eggs, so set them free!

Keep the suspense built for older children by leaving a trail of clues around the garden.

For the ultimate explorers, creating a map of the garden with a trail will help them as they navigate their way to the chocolatey treasure. Don’t forget the x to mark the spot!

Egg Hunt 3

Keep it Fair

Split children into teams or consider colour coding your eggs to make sure the littlest ones still have the fairest chance.

Egg Hunt 2


Happy Hunting!