How Children’s Climbing Frames Can Keep Kids Active

Children climbing on Plum Play Climbing Pyramid

The Benefits of Children’s Climbing Frames

Climbing frames are a great way to help your kids to burn off energy, increase their climbing confidence and to help them develop their physical strength. Whilst climbing does encourage positive risk-taking, at Plum Play, we design our play equipment with safety and durability in mind, so, children can enjoy the freedom of play and parents can have peace of mind. 

Child Development and Climbing

Climbing is an important skill that children learn as they develop. Children first learn to climb when they are young, typically from around 12 months, and this helps them to develop their coordination and spatial awareness. Learning to climb then helps them to acquire new skills. For example, learning to climb by playing on a climbing frame means that they can then use these skills to walk up steps. 

Once children have become more experienced with climbing, they can then further improve things like their balance and dexterity. 

In addition to physical benefits, climbing frames can also help children to develop mentally. When climbing, children need to make choices, which hand grip to hold to get the best grip and climb up the playcentre or decide which route down the climbing frame to take. Playing in this way helps children to increase their problem-solving skills and decision-making. This can then help them in other aspects of life, such as deciding what clothes to wear each day or which route to take on a family walk.

Children playing on Plum Play Climbing Pyramid

Children’s Climbing Frames

On your marks, get set… Climb! 

A great activity to keep your children active using a climbing frame would be to create an obstacle course. 

Children can work together to set out the route using the climbing frame as the focal point, climbing up the ladder and scrambling down the cargo net. They can add other toys into the course too. Why not add in footballs to jump over, cones to run around or draw hopscotch with chalk on the path to add even more fun to the route?

Children can then take turns to see who can complete the course in the fastest time or race each other to the finish!

Another fun climbing frame activity to keep your kids busy is hide and seek. The seeker can head to the top of the climbing frame and count to 100 whilst the other children hide around the climbing frame.

Then the hide and seek fun begins! The seeker needs to find all the hiders as quickly as they can. Remember to look high and low. Don’t forget to look in tunnels and dens and behind slides, if your climbing frame has those, there are lots of places to hide.

Children in Plum Play Climbing Pyramid Den

The Plum Play Climbing Cube Wooden Playcentre is a really good choice for primary-school-aged children; it’s feature-rich, with a wooden climbing platform with steps, rock wall with hand and foot grips, cargo scramble net, double length monkey bars and double length trapeze gymnastic bars. It even has a camouflage fabric den will roll-down door, the ideal base for secret missions and hanging out with friends.

Plum Play Climbing Cube

Toddlers’ Climbing Frame

I spy with my little eyes…

I spy is a great game to play with little ones around the climbing frame and encourages them to keep their mind active.

Each child takes turns to seek out something they can see on or near the climbing frame and the rest of the children can take turns to move around the climbing frame and guess what the other child can see. 

I spy is a simple game to help little ones learn about their environment and can be played in a variety of ways. Perhaps looking for things beginning with different letters of the alphabet, looking for things of a certain colour or looking for things up high or down low. 

Child playing in Plum Play Discovery Woodland Treehouse

Our Discovery Woodland Treehouse allows toddlers to join in the climbing fun too. The treehouse is ideal for adventurous little ones aged 3+ and is a great way to help build your child’s climbing confidence.

This wooden climbing frame has lots of other features to keep your children active. There’s a built-in planter, the perfect feature to help little ones discover their green fingers by growing their own vegetables or tending to their flowers. There’s also a pail and pull so children can water their plants with the bucket and the bamboo wind chimes also add a nice nature-inspired soundscape as they climb. When they’re not climbing, the easy-clean painting screen allows little ones to unleash their inner artist!

Discovery Woodland Treehouse

Their First Climbing Frame

We have been a leading provider of children’s toys for over 30 years, so you can count on us to put a smile on your little one’s face. The My First Wooden Playcentre is the perfect first experience for your little climbers. This wooden climbing frame has a small climbing wall and cargo net and 4ft blue slide, so that your little ones can learn to climb and slide whilst also developing their gross and fine motor skills. There’s even a den space so your little ones can hide out in their playcentre or use it as a cosy place to play with toys and think up new adventures.

For first-time climbers, a great way to keep them active here would be to help them climb and count their steps as they make their way to the top of the playcentre. Or maybe they will call out the colours of the hand and foot grips as they go, this will help keep both their mind and body active.

This Plum My First Wooden Playcentre would also be a great place for you and your little one to read stories together in the den after a busy day of climbing. This will help to keep your child’s mind active, whilst also being a great chance to enjoy some peaceful time outdoors together.

Plum My First Wooden Playcentre

Plum has climbing frames for children of all ages, so whether it’s their first climb or for more adventurous children, we’ve got something to suit your child’s needs. 

Now your kids can climb away the day! If you try any climbing frame activities with your children, be sure to share your adventures with us on Instagram @PlumPlayAus.

Find out more about our climbing frames here.

4 Accessories You Should Buy With Your Trampoline This Year

There’s nothing quite like the freedom of jumping on a trampoline. If you were lucky enough to have one as a kid, you’re sure to remember the joyful days bouncing up and down with your friends and family. While a quality trampoline is a lot of fun on its own, there are always trampoline accessories available to make your experience more fun, more safe, and more easy. Whether it’s the added safety of a trampoline anchor kit, the ease of a trampoline ladder or shoe bag, or the extra challenge and fun of a trampoline basketball hoop, we’ve got you covered! Read on to discover our list of four great trampoline accessory ideas to enhance you and your family’s playtime! 

1. Trampoline Basketball Hoop

A trampoline basketball hoop is by far the most popular accessory to go with a trampoline. With one of these, you and your kids will be able to practise your lay-ups, rejections, and slam dunks in the backyard. Compete for bragging rights as you decide who is the family’s sharpest shooter! A trampoline basketball hoop is perfect for getting to grips with tricks like through-the-legs dunks, 360s, and alley-oops. Get some airtime and feel like an NBA superstar with a trampoline basketball hoop from Plum Play. Our trampoline basketball hoop is spring-loaded and foam covered for maximum safety, and it comes with a free ball and pump so you can get started right away! The trampoline basketball hoop from Plum is suitable for our Space Zone and Magnitude trampolines, between eight and fourteen feet. Buy a trampoline basketball hoop today and experience the hang-time that a basketball legend feels.

trampoline ladder

2. Trampoline Ladder

One of the hardest things about having a trampoline can be getting off and on! Not so, with a trampoline ladder. A trampoline ladder makes it easy for smaller folks to mount and dismount the trampoline with ease. Reduce the risk of a fall with a trampoline ladder, and remove the need for that awkward wriggle onto the trampoline that smaller kids usually have to do! Using a trampoline is excellent exercise, and if you want to encourage a healthy lifestyle for your family, the best way to do that is to remove as many obstacles to activity as possible. Adding a trampoline ladder from Plum to your eight to fourteen foot trampoline is a surefire way to get your kids bouncing and burning energy more often! We have trampoline ladders available as part of our trampoline accessory kit.

trampoline shoe bag

3. Trampoline Shoe Bag

What’s the cardinal rule of jumping on a trampoline? No shoes! You don’t want to get grime from the soles of your shoes onto the trampoline surface, because it’s bound to end up on your pants and clothes when you’re bouncing around on it! But you don’t want to just chuck your shoes on the dirty ground, otherwise you’re going to end up giving yourself more work cleaning them. Invest in a trampoline shoe bag to eliminate this issue altogether. Give your family a place to store their footwear while they’re having a bounce, and they’re sure to find it easier to keep the trampoline clean and tidy. Check out Plum trampoline accessory kits, which includes a shoe bag.

4. Trampoline Anchor Kit

Safety first! You can never be too careful, and a trampoline anchor kit is a perfect precaution for securing your family’s favourite toy to the ground. A trampoline anchor kit will prevent your trampoline from being at risk of wind and other extreme weather conditions. Firmly anchoring your trampoline means it won’t be able to tip over, and the sturdier the trampoline is, the more reliable your bounce will be. The more reliable the bounce, the more fun you and your family can have! Plum trampoline accessory kits come with anchors included, so check one out today.

Where To Buy Trampoline Accessories

Plum Play is dedicated to creating experiences that let a child’s imagination run wild. We’re committed to doing this in a way that is as safe, as it is fun, letting children run free while parents rest easy. We have a great range of trampoline accessories, so if you’re after any of the products listed above – a trampoline anchor kit, shoe bag, ladder, or trampoline basketball hoop – we are sure to be able to help you out!

Things You Can Replace If Your Plum Play Trampoline Is Damaged

plum trampoline accessory kit

Trampoline activities are a great way for kids to get outside, be active, and enjoy the garden. We all know how enthusiastic kids can be when it comes to playing, so trampoline-based activities are ideal for them. With games that they can play on their own, and others that parents can join in, trampolines are the go-to for family fun. Your child can happily bounce away with the Plum Play range of Junior and Premium Trampolines. 

With so much usage, normal wear and tear is to be expected. Here at Plum Play, our equipment is built to last. However, if for some reason, your trampoline does get damaged, it’s easy to fix at home. All products at Plum Play are simple to assemble and come with clear instructions. You can easily find replacement parts on our website. Here are the most common things that might need replacing in your trampoline. 

plum trampoline mat

Trampoline Mat

The trampoline jumping mat is first on our list of the most important and urgent trampoline parts to replace on a trampoline. After a while of putting weight on your trampoline’s mat, you’ll notice that it has less bounce. Other reasons that can affect your mat’s bounce can be weather-related effects like continuous exposure to sun and rain. You’ll know that you have to replace your mat when you see the mat sagging and getting overstretched. There may also be thin areas of holes. 

When you order a replacement, keep the shape and size of the mat in mind. For our Junior Trampolines, we have a 4.5FT Junior Trampoline Jumping Mat. Your little ones can continue jumping to the moon when you replace their trampoline mat. Our sizes go up till the largest size of our mats – the 14FT Premium Trampoline Jumping Mat. Make sure to check each product’s dimensions so that you get the right size. 

plum trampoline spring close up

Trampoline Springs

Trampoline springs are designed to stretch out to generate the necessary bouncing stress. Plum Play trampolines are made of the highest-quality wire. Despite this, over time and with exposure to harsh run and rain, springs can deteriorate and stretch. The stretch in the springs can affect the trampoline mat and your bounce. With stretchy or faulty springs, the mat can get unevenly pulled to one side. If you have had a trampoline for a while, it would be a good idea to check the springs to see how they are holding up. If your trampoline is out in the rain, make sure you keep an eye out for signs of rust. 

For some regular maintenance on your trampoline springs, make sure to grab our spring packs. They are available in 3 sizes – 85mm, 140mm and 178mm. Each size is compatible with different sizes of trampolines. Check the product details to make sure you get the right springs for your trampoline. 

plum trampoline safety pad close up

Trampoline Safety Pads

Safety pads are one of the most important parts of a trampoline. They guarantee the safety of your little ones and have them bouncing happily. They are made of absorbent material. This material can degrade over time. When you are doing regular maintenance on your trampoline, make sure you check that the safety pads are shock-absorbing. If the safety pads are worn out, they will not provide adequate protection. This can potentially injure your happy bouncers.

At Plum Play, we offer replacement safety pads for each size of trampoline. You can also get safety pads in different colours like pink and blue, depending on what your kids like. Take measurements for your trampoline replacement and check product specification before ordering to get the correct size.

plum trampoline enclosure close up

Trampoline Enclosure Nets

Enclosure nets are essential for safety. They are a barrier that prevents the bouncer from falling off. Trampoline enclosure nets can tear due to pulling. Exposure to sun and moisture can also deteriorate the net. This is more common with outdoor and garden trampolines than with indoor ones. It is time to replace the enclosure nets when you start seeing holes.

Plum Play trampoline accessories include a range of replacement enclosure nets. Available in different sizes and colours, these nets can easily replace your worn out net and your trampoline will look brand new. 

These are the four essential things that will need replacing in your trampoline as time goes one and you use it more. Apart from these, you can also find other replacement parts like enclosure poles, top rims and legs. Browse our entire range of trampoline accessories and spare parts here. 

Keeping an eye on your trampoline and checking it every couple of months will help you keep on top of maintenance. This will ultimately give your kids a happy and safe experience. 

What Age Can Kids Start Bouncing On Trampolines?

child jumping on plum trampoline

Trampolines are the best way to ensure that your little one has hours of fun in the garden. They’re a staple of children’s toys, and they’re terrific for your child’s development and adventurous spirit. They are one of the easiest and best ways to keep your kid active, especially over school holidays. More than that, trampolines are fun at any age. Parents, older siblings and the entire family can join in the fun. As a parent, your main concern when you get a trampoline would be to make sure that the kids have fun without anyone getting hurt.

When you purchase and set up your child’s trampoline, they will be excited and ready to jump on. But kids have to be a little careful around them. As much fun as they are, trampolines can be dangerous to kids if they are too young for it. At Plum Play, we design all our equipment with safety in mind. Read below to understand the age restrictions for kids on our trampolines and how to make sure your little one has a safe and fun time.

close up plum trampoline

Which trampoline is right for what age?

We believe that the joy of jumping and physical activities should start young. Kids as old as 3 years of age can safely play on a trampoline designed by Plum Play. We have a range of trampolines for kids of various ages. Plum Play supplies toys for kids of all ages. With this in mind, we have a toddler trampoline and a children’s trampoline. Whatever age your little one might be, we have trampolines that can bring a smile to your child’s face. 

4.5ft junior trampoline child playing

For the younger ones, the 4.5FT Junior Trampoline would be ideal. The Junior Trampoline is for toddlers and little kids between 3 to 6 years of age. Standing at 4.5 feet, this trampoline has a lower height frame. Developed specifically for small children, this trampoline ensures a shorter fall if your energetic bundle of joy falls. Other great features include an enclosing net, zips and clips, and shorter springs for a controlled bounce, all incorporated into the design to keep kids safe and secure. Happy kids make for happy bouncing, and this is the perfect trampoline to get started. 

child playing on junior plum trampoline with confetti

For children up till the age of 10, you can pick between the 6FT Junior Trampoline or 7FT Junior Trampoline. They are great options for kids in primary school. Smaller trampolines allow for less fall distance, resulting in less scratches, bruises, and tears. The lower height allows your child to develop confidence on the trampoline. It features patented Springsafe technology and netting enclosure that offers a barrier between the kids and the trampoline springs and structure, ensuring that they are held in safely. Get ready for your children’s first bounce as they touch the sky!

14ft plum space zone trampoline

For kids above the age of 6 who are confident on a trampoline, try our Premium Trampolines. Available up till 14FT of height, these trampolines are for older kids who are expert bouncers and adults who want to join in the fun. This range of trampolines gives the kind of brilliant bounce performance that aspiring gymnasts can practice on. With zinc-coated springs and a durable UV treated jumping mat, the whole family can have hours of fun on these models. Make the most of your bouncing space with Springsafe Technology that protects all your jumps. 

child jumping on plum junior trampoline

Which trampoline should I pick?

Plum Play trampolines ensure that kids above the age of 3 can bounce happily and safely. There’s guaranteed to be a model for every child, at every age and ability level, in our Junior Trampoline collection, with so many wonderful alternatives. Not to mention the variety of colours they may choose from, whether they’re crazy with pink, enchanted by blue, or interested in exciting animal prints, our trampolines come in colourful colours that kids adore. For the older kids and adults, choose from our Premium Trampoline collection. Braided elastic cords, extra padding and soft grips give your child a safe environment to jump in. Safety is top priority for us at Plum Play.

Plum Play has been a leading provider of children’s toys for over 30 years. Our trampolines are made by experts and are the best products to bounce off. All of our products at Plum Play are simple to assemble and come with clear instructions. Shop now and start bouncing today!

5 Tips To Take Care Of Your Trampoline

child jumping on plum trampoline with enclosure

A good family trampoline is a long-term investment. Without proper care and maintenance, however, your trampoline start to wear , no matter how expensive or durable it is. You must take adequate trampoline care to ensure that your trampoline remains in safe working order. 

If you’ve recently purchased your first trampoline or are curious to find out how to extend your family’s trampoline lifespan, you may be wondering what trampoline care entails. How can you get the best out of your kid’s favourite toy? When we talk about trampoline maintenance, we’re talking about a series of modest tasks that you should follow from the beginning of the trampoline set up to the end. Those phases include things such as correctly installing the trampoline, doing frequent inspections, and cleaning the trampoline, among others.

toddler jumping on plum trampoline

1. Find the right location

You may believe that because you have a robust trampoline, you can put it anywhere in the backyard as long as there is sufficient space. In truth, you are not entirely incorrect. However, it would be preferable to find a shaded spot with level ground. Even ground is ideal for setting up the structure on which the trampoline is situated. As long as the frame is properly installed, your family will have excellent fun jumping and enjoy a long trampoline lifespan.

Even though most top-rated trampolines have UV-protected mats and other materials, if the trampoline is kept in the sun without care, the sun will eventually cause the mat to wear. That’s why we usually advise choosing a shaded location. This being said, try to stay away from areas with trees or tree branches that are too close. This will stop debris and leaves from falling into your trampoline, also you don’t want your kids bumping their heads as they try to jump as high as they can. 

plum trampoline safety pads

2. Store your trampoline

If you are convinced that you will not need your trampoline over the winter, disassemble it and store the parts in a safe location. When dismantling some components, it’s best to remove the net, jump surface, springs, and safety pad while leaving the poles and metal frame in the yard. Even though trampolines Australia wide aren’t usually exposed to snow, we do still experience heavy rain and winds, so storing your trampoline during the colder months can help to protect it. 

plum trampoline anchor kit

3. Protect from the wind

A strong storm or strong wind might badly destroy your trampoline. To make the trampoline stable, you’ll need ground anchors, which are like wind stakes. They are inexpensive, but they lessen the risk of your trampoline blowing away. It will strengthen the trampoline by securing it to the ground. You can also use sandbags to protect the frame from the elements too. 

plum trampoline cover

4. Invest in a good trampoline cover

A trampoline cover is an essential piece of equipment for maintaining the trampoline throughout the year. If you can’t locate a shady spot to put up your trampoline, a cover might help protect your trampoline from the sun. You may cover your family’s trampoline in the rain to prevent water from entering as well. There are a few things to consider when it comes to using cover in the winter. Trampoline covers may allow moisture to collect beneath them, causing your trampoline springs or frame to corrode. If you use a cover in the winter, you must remove it from time to time to allow moisture to evaporate naturally.

plum trampoline accessory kit

5. Replace the parts when necessary

If you take proper care of your trampoline, it will serve you well for a long time. If any parts, such as springs, become rusted or the jumping mat is ripped, you should repair them immediately. Alternatively, if you’re still inside the warranty term, make a claim as soon as possible. If you ignore a problem because it is minor, that minor problem could result in a significant loss in the long run. Take action when necessary. 

child jumping on plum trampoline with enclosure

Take care of your trampoline

Your family deserves the best, and here at Plum Play, we have a superb range of safe and durable trampolines Australia will love. With quality products, though, still comes quality maintenance, and with the right amount of care, you can make your trampoline last throughout your children’s pivotal jumping and playing years.

6 Ways You Can Customise Your Swing Set

child on swing

The best backyard swing sets share a few characteristics: they’re made from high-quality materials, have been excellently constructed, have the best safety features, and come equipped with exciting activities. Here at Plum Play there is no shortage of add-ons! Whether you are searching for a swing set or looking to add on to an existing backyard playground, customising your kid’s swing set is going to make outdoor play even more of a thrill. Your kid’s will adore you for it! 

From monkey bars to rope ladders, here’s our rundown of the best and most loved swing set accessories you can find to help customise your kid’s swing set.

plum freestanding monkey bars

1. Monkey bars

The monkey bars are an essential item that is often a kid’s favourite. They’re popular among parents because they help their children build upper-body strength. Whether you choose traditional monkey bars or double-wide monkey bars, they should be made of steel rungs and a solid wooden frame. A set of monkey bars may transform an ordinary backyard swing set into something spectacular in no time.

child playing on plum slide

2. A second slide

If your family is like many others, the slide is one of the most sought-after playground activities. Day after day, the kids take turns swooshing down, and there’s even a line at family birthday parties! Why not add a second slide if this seems familiar? There is no better way to personalise your swing set than this. You can accomplish this by adding another slide of the same size and kind, or by mixing it up by selecting a new size. It all depends on the type of swing set you have and how much money you have to spend. If you’re looking to give your kids’ playset an upgrade in the future, this is a terrific choice to keep in mind.

child playing on plum wooden rope ladder

3. Rope ladder

You can add a fun and challenging rope ladder to help your kids further develop their motor skills. Our jumbo rope ladder swings from side to side, too, making it a fun new way for kids to explore their play equipment.The Plum rope ladder has chunky, solid wooden rungs and super soft poly hemp ropes, which help little fingers and hands hold on tight. While challenging for your children, a rope ladder is entirely safe and durable to use. 

parent and children playing in wooden tee pee

4. A playhouse

A clubhouse is a popular hangout spot for youngsters since it provides them with the “kids-only” space they’ve always wanted (think back to all those forts in the living room and those hideouts in the yard). The lower playhouse is usually enclosed,  except for a doorway and windows; this little space often adds to the excitement of the playset. Add-on a playhouse to your kid’s swing set to create the perfect playful oasis to encourage your kids to play outside more. 

nest swing with mist

5. Nest swing

Give your children some extra fun with a Premium Metal Nest Swing, perfect for gliding through the air or sitting back and relaxing too. Kids love a two-person swing where they can swing together and play make-believe. Whether they’re making shapes out of the clouds or pretending to pioneer a flying ship, your kids will love the addition of a nest swing.

plum glider nest swing

6. Glider nest swing

Our Glider Nest Swing is a versatile addition to any swing set! Whether you’ve got one user or two, the glider nest swing can function as a two person glider or a one person hammock. Perfect for playing and relaxing! The removable padded seats can add extra comfort, and the padded handlebars and frame provide added protection. We also have options with teal and lime hangers!

3-in-1 growing swing

7. Growing baby swing seat

If you’ve got an infant who’s growing faster than you can keep track of, you probably need our 3-in-1 Growing Baby Swing Seat! This versatile seat has three different assembly methods to suit babies, toddlers, and children. Simply remove the t-bar and back rest as your child gets larger and more comfortable on the swing. This is the perfect accessory to help your child develop confidence in their body as they grow.

plum lookout tower

8. Extra toys

We’re sure your kids will agree that the more, the merrier when it comes to toys. Adding a few more gadgets to your swing set is a terrific way to improve it. The ship’s wheel, gigantic binoculars, steering wheel, telescope, and telephone are among our favourites. We recommend getting playcentre, such as this Lookout Tower with swings and monkey bars, if you want to get the most for your money, because it has super awesome accessories already included. 

child playing on plum metal swing

Plum Play swing accessories 

Give your children the ultimate play area by customising your swing set with awesome accessories just for them. Here at Plum Play, we have a fantastic range of quality made, durable and safe swing accessories you can add to your kid’s swing set, perfect for playtime at any age.  

What Makes Plum Play Swing Sets Safe for Babies?

baby in wooden plum swing with family

What makes a baby swing safe? Should we make all swings from wood? Can you put a baby swing set in your backyard? These are questions that many parents ask when they are looking for the perfect way for their baby to play. Swings are a great way for babies to get exercise, and they can provide hours of fun! In this blog post, we will discuss the different factors that go into making a Plum Play baby swing set safe. With a Plum Play baby swing set, parents can have peace of mind. Their children are riding a quality swing set, with safety standards at the centre of its design.

happy baby in metal plum swing

What Material Should Baby Swings Be?

The material we make baby swings from is the most important factor when it comes to safety. It is best to choose a wooden swing set, as this material is reliable, safe, and durable. Plum Play has a range of wooden swing sets to suit your needs. We even stock a baby swing set that grows with your child! We also have our 2-in-1 metal swing set. This is made from powder coated steel, which ensures full protection against rust.

At Plum Play, we test all our products against the relevant European Safety Standards. Our products follow or exceed EN71-1, 2, 3 and 8. They also meet or exceed REACH chemical standards. REACH is a European regulatory body. Its full name is Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals. What does complying with these standards and regulations mean in layman’s terms? We make our products from materials that are, at minimum, non-toxic and non-flammable. We also use FSC certified, sustainable sources of timber. You can rest assured your new products are environmentally conscious as well as safe.

close up of wooden grow baby swing

What Makes A Baby Swing Safe To Use?

A good baby swing will have a safe seat for the child. A high back and harness is essential. We design our baby swing seats with a T-bar front, so your infant has something to hold on to while they’re having fun. Our wooden growing swing set also has an adjustable lap belt. This has a clip fastening, which doesn’t only make your baby safer. It also makes it easier to get them in and out of the swing!

swing silver extension legs

How Can I Make My Baby Swing Safer?

It is important to make sure that you concrete your swing set into the ground. This will help prevent it from tipping over if someone pushes or swings too hard. Plum Play recommends that new owners concrete all our swing sets into the ground. This is necessary to follow Australian safety standards. All Plum Play baby swing sets come with the hardware and ground anchors to secure your set with ease.

happy baby looking at parent in plum swing

How Do I Choose The Right Baby Swing Set?

It is important to choose a swing set that is appropriate for your baby’s age and size. We design sets for children of all ages. Some are for babies as young as six months old, while we intend for toddlers and older children to use others. Be sure to read the product description before clicking ‘buy’! Our product descriptions list appropriate age and weight ranges for each swing set

happy baby on plum metal swing

Where Can I Buy Baby Swings?

Do you need more help selecting the right baby swing set for you? Check out our range, then get in touch with our helpful team. We’ve been in this business for over thirty years, so we are leaders in the field. We’re more than happy to give you the benefit of our expertise. Ensuring that you and your child have fun with their new toys is our top priority!

At Plum Play, we understand the importance of safe play. To this end, your child’s well-being is at the forefront of our design process. We pride ourselves on creating toys and play equipment for childhood development. Our mission is to encourage healthy, active outdoor playtime.

As parents, we dedicate ourselves to ensuring all our products encourage safe play. We design affordable, innovative and fun products for all ages. We refuse to compromise on safety or quality.

How Do You Anchor Metal Swings?

children playing on nest swing

Playing on metal swings is some of the most fun you can have as a child. That’s why we ensure our swing sets are extra safe! Anchoring your swing set is crucial. Read on for our guide to securing your swings with ease. With these tips, you’ll be able to ensure the safety and enjoyment of your kids for years to come! 

As a parent, your main concern is that your backyard swing set is safe. Anchoring the legs in concrete is a simple and effective way to make sure of that. Grass is a nice padded surface to land on should you fall or jump from the swing. It doesn’t provide ideal stability though. Swinging will give the set momentum, especially if there is more than one child playing at once. If it rocks back and forth too much, the set might tip. This is why we recommend concreting. 

Anchor kit

What Do I Need to Anchor My Metal Swing Set?

Plum Play metal swing sets come with all the necessary materials for anchoring. These include anchoring plates, stakes, screws, nuts, bolts, and bolt covers. Always use the manufacturer’s recommended ground anchors. If circumstances prevent you from doing so, use replacement anchors from Plum Play.

Make sure that you have all the tools needed before assembling. You won’t need much except for a wrench, hammer, shovel, and drill. You will need to buy some concrete, and it’s useful to have a post hole digger. Your shovel will suffice if you don’t have one, though. You might also need a tape measure.

shovel with soil on

How Do I Anchor My Metal Swing Set?

Begin this process by marking the position of your swing set legs. An easy way to do this is to tap stakes into the ground where you intend for each of the swing set legs to go. This is most useful if you’re using a post hole digger. If you’re not, any other method of marking will suffice.

Next, dig a hole about 20cm deep and 25cm wide. You should position these holes so that they’ll be on the inside of each of your swing set’s legs. If you’re using a post hole digger, put it over the stakes you’ve inserted into the ground. Take a handle in each hand, lift it up, and slam it down into the ground. Pull out the handles and the blades of the digger will collect dirt. Wrench the digger out of the ground, then release the handles to dispose of the dirt. Repeat this until you have the right amount of holes to match the number of swing set poles. 

If you’re using a shovel, dig the holes the traditional way. Make sure they’re somewhat uniform in size, so the finished product looks nice.

Now you need to fill these holes with concrete. Take a 20kg bag and pour it into a wheelbarrow, or another suitable container. Add the amount of water recommended by the manufacturer and stir with a shovel. Make sure there are no dry bits left over. Shovel concrete into each of the holes you’ve dug and smooth it over with a trowel.

At this point, you can take the ground anchors provided and insert them into the concrete. Push them in at a 45° angle to their corresponding swing set legs. Once they’re secured in place, you can leave the concrete to set overnight. If you roughed the wet concrete up while inserting the ground anchors, smooth it over.

The next day, you can attach your ground anchors to your swing set’s legs. You can do this with chains, straps, rope, or the hardware provided with your Plum Play metal swing set. Once you’ve done this, your swing set is ready to enjoy! The combination of ground anchor, secure strap, and concrete will keep your kids safe.

Happy child on swing

Where Can I Buy Metal Swing Sets in Australia?

Plum Play stocks a great range of metal swing sets. This includes single swings, double swings, nest swings, and more! Check out our 5-Unit Metal Swing with Slide for a premium play experience.

Each one of our swing sets comes with the necessary materials for anchoring. We make a commitment to keeping playtime as fun and safe as possible. If you have any questions or concerns about the safety of Plum Play products, we are always happy to help.

3 Tips To Position Your Australian Trampoline

Child happy jumping on trampoline

Trampolines are the best way to guarantee hours of fun and garden play for your child. A staple in childrens’ toys, they’re a great investment for aiding the development and adventurous streak of your child, while allowing parents and the whole family to join in on the fun.

But what are the considerations for parents when purchasing and setting up their child’s new trampoline? Keep reading to find out.

trampoline safety next closure

1. Choose Safe Australian Trampolines

There are a number of things to consider when purchasing a trampoline for your child. For one, the safety features included. This is super important to any parent wanting to ensure the safety of their child when playing with outdoor equipment. To us, safety isn’t child’s play, it involves the best quality, ethically sourced materials, made to protect little hands and feet. 

At Plum Play, we value the safety and enjoyment of your child above all else. This is why we are committed to going above and beyond to deliver the highest quality. Engineered to deliver the best bounce, and the greatest level of fun, our trampolines are designed using Springsafe® technology to facilitate your little one’s bounce-time in the safest manner possible. 

Plum trampolines are secured with extra safety measures so that your bundle-of-joy can bounce while you sit back and relax. These features include additional padding around the frame of trampolines, shorter springs for a more controlled bounce, soft-grip handles for tiny hands, and netting to keep them from falling and tumbling, making sure they’re nestled in the cocoon-like barrier between them and the trampoline.

The second thing to consider when choosing your child’s first trampoline is the maximum weight it holds. For older children, you want to go for the largest weight option. For toddlers and small children, a smaller weight capacity is preferable. 

Lastly, you want to go for the trampoline best suited to the age range of your child, and pay close attention to the minimum user age in the description. When it comes to Plum Play products, toddlers may require the Junior Bouncer Trampoline, made with children 18+ months in mind. 

Tweens and young teens desire a greater challenge to their smaller counterparts, and we may have just the thing you’re looking for. Accessories are the best way to customise your trampoline so it can continue to grow with your kids. We recommend the Trampoline Accessory Kit, Bowl Freebound Trampoline and the 14ft SpaceZone Springsafe® Trampoline, for bigger kids, looking to up their bounce game, while still maintaining a sense of safety. 

trampoline safety pads

2. Find Safe Trampoline Positions

Concrete is a big no-no when positioning your child’s new trampoline in the backyard. A concrete surface under their trampoline means that with every bounce, their precious feet and legs will graze the cement. This doesn’t only cause a racket and put your child at risk, but it can compromise the lifespan of your trampoline. If you are going to go with the concrete ground, make sure there’s something soft your kid has to land on if they are to fall out of the netting. 

You may decide to position the trampoline on wood instead, but this still isn’t ideal. Prevent any scrapes and bruises by adding some extra cushioning to the legs, outside the entrance, such as rubber. Trampolines like the 4.5FT Junior Trampoline & Enclosure – Stardust come with padded safety pads that shield the springs and frame.

Direct ground is good, but just be aware of chemicals in the soil that could spur on the rusting process in the trampolines’ legs. Luckily, our trampolines are made with durable materials designed to withstand most weather conditions and prevent premature rusting. 

child jumping on trampoline with parent watching

3. Place The Kids’ Trampoline Wisely 

All parents know that, at times, kids can have a seemingly endless supply of energy. And we, as parents, can sometimes struggle to keep up. But it’s important we stay on top of any possible hard objects in the garden, before our little ones can find the time to charge into them. Make sure their trampoline is a reasonable distance from bricks, rose bushes, tools, wires and branches. Sloping ground is another obstacle to look out for, and overhead surfaces can pose another problem, so make sure to measure the clearance space above the trampoline. 

Now that you’ve got your checklist for childrens’ trampoline safety, your kid can go out and jump to their heart’s content. 

One of the leading providers of quality, ethical and sustainable toys for over 30 years, Plum Play products are made with care in the UK. For a full range of kids’ trampolines, covering all ages, abilities and play preferences, you can’t go wrong with this treasured company. Shop the trampoline collection today.

5 Accessories That Can Be Added to Your Swing Sets

Child playing on swing

Bring the park to your back garden with Plum Play. Swings are the ultimate outdoor toy for fun in the sun and reaching for the sky, so they can swing into life with confidence. They’re suitable for kids of all ages from babies to pre teens, as you can purchase different swing sets specific to their age range and size. Let their imaginations roam free while honing their coordination skills, balance and strategic thinking. They’ll be rewarded for the extra effort they put into each swing by going higher, and they can control the height they reach by adjusting the momentum to what feels comfortable and safe to them. Swinging also allows young ones to coordinate their movements and practice a physical activity. 

baby in plum 2-in-1 swing

1. A Growing Baby Swing Set

They’ll be ecstatic and giggling all afternoon in the 2-IN-1 Baby swing seat. This delightfully colourful outdoor swing set is the perfect starter swing, to get your baby or toddler swinging with ease. Everyday is an outdoor adventure with this sturdy swing, which grows with your little one as it can easily convert from a toy suitable for babies, to toddlers, to children. Suitable for 12 months and up, it sports chunky polyhemp ropes which are soft and kind on tiny hands. All the better to play with! Even better, the growing swing seat has a comfortable back rest and t-bar front support adjustable lap seat belt for additional snugness and security. 

Get them on their way with this durable baby-friendly swing, made with safety and comfort in mind, and they’ll be swinging up, up and away! Allow them to engage in self directed play, with peace of mind, as this cleverly-designed outdoor play set instinctively inspires children to be active. Plus, you can increase the fun factor with the Plum range of swing accessories that are perfect for creating fun new combinations of outdoor activities. Swings can be exchanged with rope ladders, or swap baby swing seats for a glider; adding extra hours of use and energy-burning fun to playtime. This particular swing is compatible with wooden swing sets, Lookout Tower with Swings and Climbing Pyramid with Swings.

2. Childrens’ Climbing Frames

Climbing, like many things in life, can be broken up into two categories: physical and mental. A climbing frame will help children develop both; however, they tend to focus more on the physical element. Climbing requires your child to use muscles such as those in their arms, legs and even core (in some cases). It’s a great way to help strengthen their muscles so they grow up to be strong adults. 

These activities can also improve your child’s coordination. That sounds simple, but the ability to coordinate the right movements at the right time takes practice. It can take several years for babies and young children to master this skill, and encouraging safe climbing practices (with the right equipment and supervision) encourages them to climb and play more. Plum Play swing sets can become even greater with climbing frame accessories to customise your swing set to really make your kids’ climbing frame unique and their own adventure!

protective mat

3. Swing, Climbing Frame and Trampoline Mat 

While we want our little ones to be able to play independently, we also want to ensure our garden remains intact. A Plum Play protektamat does just that, adding that extra padding in the area under your swings, climbing frames and trampolines, gives safety and protection at all times. Get one or get a couple, depending on the space you’re trying to cover.

adjustable 2-seat glider

4.  2-Seat Glider

Double up on the fun with this Double Glider. With adjustable height capabilities, comfortable moulded plastic seats, foot grips and handlebars for little hands to grip on, the 2-Seat Glider is the ideal swing accessory. Made with galvanised steel, this outdoor accessory play set can withstand rainy days and high temperatures. It’s compatible with round pole swing sets, which you can also find on the Plum website.

child playing on rope ladder

5. 3-Sided Rope Ladder

Have you got a future mountain climber on your hands? Introducing the 3-Sided Rope Ladder with lime hanger. The Jumbo Rope Ladder will provide a whole new challenge for your adventure seeking child. This rope ladder swings from side to side and features  solid wooden rungs and super soft polyhemp ropes, designed to help little hands get a grip on things. 

Girl playing on swing set

Outdoor Swing Set Australia

Whether you’re after a swing for toddlers, children’s swing set, metal swing set, wooden swing set or swing accessories, you’ll find what you’re looking for at Plum Play.