Mum Central: Our Real Mum’s review of the Plum Freebound Bowl Trampoline

We are so excited to have received another glowing product review from Belinda Jennings, Founder of Mum Central – the go to hub for Australian Mums with real stories from real women.

“The one thing I loved most about the Plum Freebound Bowl Trampoline compared to other traditional trampolines was the whole new dynamic it brought to outside play.  Not only do you have your traditional flatbed trampoline, but the curved ‘track’ transforms into bouncing heaven! It’s safe, secure and my kids were blown away.”

“My kids have had a few trampolines growing up but the Plum Freebound Bowl Trampoline has definitely exceeded all our expectations. My boys could easily do flips, perform tricks and get some crazy air with minimal effort.”

The Plum Bowl Trampoline
“I really found it easy to get the hang of the angled net, and was actually really surprised at how quickly I could learn to do a front flip.” – James, 11
The Plum Bowl Trampoline

So let them bounce off the walls and discover the difference a Plum BOWL trampoline can make.

The Plum® Bowl Trampoline®

Introducing the Plum® Freebound Bowl Trampoline®; AKA your saviour.

The Plum Freebound Bowl Trampoline is no ordinary trampoline. For starters, it doesn’t just have a flat bed. It also has a curved mat surrounding the flat part of the trampoline which can also be jumped on. This radical curved, bowl-like shape makes it the funnest and safest trampoline on the market. Your thrill-seekers are going to love it.

The CURV shape allows you to move or ‘freebound’ in any direction. Use the markers on the mat to track your movement and refine your freebounding moves. Bounce, run, flip, spin, kick, dance – you are only limited by your imagination.

There are absolutely no springs on this trampoline. 136 bungee cords work in unison to support and bounce you. This FLX system also makes the Plum Freebound Bowl Trampoline really, really quiet. Just the ticket for the parent trying to make a few work calls while keeping an eye on the kids.

This trampoline is extremely safe. The see-through Supernet is extra thick and super soft, so your little darling can’t fall out and you can watch them at all times. Thick padding and soft cushioning can be found all over the frame. Even the ladder has anti-slip rubber grips on each step.

With a weight rating of 125kgs adults can jump in on the fun too! A ten-minute bouncy burst provides a great cardio workout and all over tone. And it’s a hell of lot more fun than running around the block.

Check it out here: The Plum® Bowl Trampoline®

Sensory Play Time with Zara’s Play Tribe

As the Melbourne weather warms up we are spending more and more time outdoors. Ever heard the outdoors referred to as nature’s playground? Well, that is exactly what it is. Endless opportunities for play right out your back door!

Although our backyard already offers many sensory experiences in our grass, trees, flowers, textures, smells and sounds, sometimes Aidan and Evie like me to take it a step further and offer different sensory adventures.

We recently got an outdoor sensory table, it is called a sand and water table BUT has so much more potential than just sand and water!

Although it does have a removable lid, the lid rarely goes on because the kids are too busy creating! There are two sections in the table, one that is made for wet substances and one that is made for dry. Let’s be honest, it all ends up getting mixed together which is AMAZING!

So far, we have tried a few different table combinations:

  • Sand & Water with scooping and pouring utensils
  • Beans & Coloured Water as a potion making station
  • Blue gelatin & ocean animals as an ocean theme
  • Truck washing station

When I reset the table I have left the ‘leftovers’ from previous play in there, it adds extra elements and the kids love building on their previous play experiences.

Engaging in sensory play outside not only gives the kids room to move and explore in new ways it gives me, as their mum, peace of mind knowing that the couch, the carpet, and the walls won’t get covered in sensory goodies. Plus kids and fresh air certainly have a certain magic about it!

The best part is that cleaning up is literally just hosing it all down, how good is that!

Thanks for the fantastic review. For even more amazing play ideas, check out Zara’s website

Plum Cares about The Environment

We are extremely proud to sustainably source and manufacture each element of our products. Our commitment to be kind to the environment goes all the way back to our beginnings; we are now celebrating over 30 years of sustainable trading.

Ethical manufacturing is non-negotiable; all of our suppliers and factories are audited to ICTI and BSCI standards. These standards support the rights of the workers who manufacture our toys.

Long before FSC® was established our founders were actively involved with the ethical sourcing of wood products and to this day are still committed to taking care of the forest environment, and the people and wildlife who live there.

About Our Wood
Ethical Manufacturing
Our Sustainable Play Vision

Teepee Styling with @alittleatlarge – Featuring our Wooden Teepee Hideaway!

When we came across the @alittleatlarge Instagram account we couldn’t be more inspired by wonderlust and fairydust!

Writer and creative photographer for A Little At Large, Narelle and her daughter Tiah have crafted a profile full of cherished childhood memories.

We loved the beautiful beach vibes and couldn’t resist reaching out to see how they would style their very own Wooden Teepee Hideaway!

This blog entry below is a repost, originally written by Narelle at A Little At Large – 

JOY Teepee Hideaway

One of the things I love most about having a 5-year-old is finding things to do that ignites both our imaginations, but also creates an opportunity for us to work together to make the kind of memories we will both cherish.

With this in mind, we recently partnered with Plum Play Australia to create and curate our very own Wooden Teepee Hideway.

I have to admit to not being the handiest of handywomen, and my husband had never excelled in the “build it yourself” stakes either. So I posted the task on and within half an hour I had Andrew, my trusty handyman on route.

Andrew made pretty short work of putting it all together, while Tiah supervised.


With the building done and the excitement rising, we hit Bunnings to pick out some paint. Tiah insisted she wanted it to look just like our big house, so Cabot’s Beach House Grey was the winner, a water-soluble wood stain that would be easy to apply and just as easy to clean up little paint dipped fingers.

To the garden shop we ventured, where we picked out some marguerite daisies in bloom and two Chinese star jasmine that we thought would look pretty amazing growing over to form a natural floral arbour in time. A quick stop to Domayne to pick up some joy (you will spy the sign later), and also to Spotlight, for some tulle and fancy lace ribbon.

Completing the painting was the fun part. Tiah worked on the bottom and I worked on the top simultaneously, giggling as we went when paint splashed down on her nose from my drips and my feet from hers. Two coats and we were done. We left it for a few hours to dry and got our accessories ready for the part we both love the most – the styling.





With plants in place and a few choice bits from inside the house (including the gorgeous Sheridan fluffy Icelandic sheep pillow and a sustainable reindeer hide), we were almost ready for the exciting final touches.

A swag of tulle placed over the door (the teepee does come with a roll down awning that affixes with Velcro, we just embellished it a little), some battery operated festoon lights that we got for a song and the final piece – JOY- the battery operated light from Domayne’s Christmas collection that fitted snugly above the door.

Tiah was glowing, her teepee was more beautiful than we ever imagined and proud as punch, she immediately rounded up the neighbours, including Grace, the friendly dog from next door to join in the housewarming. We did not expect there to be jumping- well maybe just from Tiah – but when Grace joined in the festivities, I could not help but snap a moment I know we will smile about well into the future.


As a play space, the teepee is ideal. We have a small yard and its compact footprint fits perfectly. As for the materials themselves, we were thrilled with the excellent quality. Even our handyman Andrew commented, saying how well cut the pieces of timber were, no rough edges and everything fitted together so snuggly that he said it should last a lifetime. Thumbs up Andrew.

We created some beautiful memories building and styling our teepee, but the ones I am most looking forward to are the ones still to come. I know this will be a place where carefree summers will be savoured, where tea parties will be hosted and treats from the pantry smuggled. There will be secrets shared, giggles giggled and good times had with friends. And not forgetting Grace, who pops in pretty regularly for a snuggle and random joyful jumps.

You can win your very own Grand Wooden Teepee from Plum Play, head HERE to find out how to enter.  But be quick, competition ends this Sunday, 10th December 2017. Alternatively, if you’d like to purchase a Grand or Great Wooden Teepee Hideaway for your little ones this Christmas, use the promo code ALITTLEATLARGE for 15% off (also valid until Sunday, 10th December 2017). These dates are in line with Plum Play’s Christmas delivery deadlines, but this can be extended to Wednesday 13th December for Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Melbourne, Wollongong, and Newcastle.

Colours By Plum

Welcome to the perfect place for picnics, parties and social playtime! The Colours by Plum® range will transform your garden and create an imaginative fun role play environment; immersing little ones in the outdoors!

Made from sturdy FSC® certified timber, and finished with a unique teal colour, our latest range of outdoor products are a must have. View the latest range and images from the campaign.

Shop the Colours By Plum® Range

25078AB108_Surfside-Sand-and-Water-Table_Teal_6109 27667AB108_Deckhouse-Wooden-Playhouse5917 25083AB108_Junior-Sand-Pit_Teal_5514

Mum Central Trampoline Review

Bounce into Summer Fun with a Plum® Premium Magnitude!

We are very honoured to have received a glowing product review from Belinda Jennings, Founder of Mum Central – the go to hub for Australian Mums with real stories from real women.

Mum to two cheeky boys, and wife to her superstar husband, Belinda’s family live a busy but crazy lifestyle in Adelaide. Belinda is committed to celebrating the journey that is Australian parenthood and we LOVE that Mum Central provides a “no plastic fantastic and gossip” zone, a place for safe and authentic conversations with Mums of all walks of life!

When asked to provide one of our Plum Springsafe® trampoline models for Belinda to trial, we jumped at the chance!

Mum Central Video Review: Plum® Springsafe® Premium Magnitude Trampoline

Product Assembly: Watch the full build in under 4 minutes!

Read the full product review here and enter into our competition for the chance to WIN one:

Explore the range:

Discover Nature Play

Inspire a love of nature, engage children in STEM education and discover the advantages of early play!


The research is quite clear that the best practice in early childhood education is to break away from structured activities and allow for more play and investigation. This kind of learning early in life builds skills and interests that serve children throughout their school years and into adulthood.

In 2017, Plum® introduced the award winning nature play collection designed to get kids out into the garden, experimenting with STEM activities. The Plum Discovery® collection combines learning and play all year round whilst inspiring natures little ambassadors to get messy in the garden with outdoor role play. Children can interact with nature as they discover wildlife and engage in sensory and active play as the seasons change. Little green fingers can cut and trim the buds and shrubs to create their very own mini eco centre. All Discovery® toys have been made from FSC® sustainably sourced wood, include a bamboo wind chime, easy clean painting screen and mini growing station for beginner gardeners.

“The collection brings families, friends and communities together.
The idea is to use non-linear unstructured play features to stimulate
imaginative engagement. Our new design is feature rich and gives 360°
play. We have continued the rustic, earthy look & feel, discovery products
feel like a part of the garden, like they are were grown in the woodland.”

Product Developer, Francis Wright

Discovery® Nature Play Hideaway!



27657aa69_plum_discovery-nature-play-hideaway_window_1 (1)

Discovery® Woodland Treehouse!


Woodland Treehouse Product Shot 1


Discovery® Mud Pie Kitchen!


Mud Kitchen Product Shot 1


Discovery® Create and Paint Easel!


Create and Paint Easel Product Shot 1


Shop the Discovery® range now!

Explore Adventure Play

Adventure play to spark creative minds!


Children have a natural desire to explore their surroundings, create their own world and set out on new adventures. Adventure play will build your child’s confidence as they push their boundaries, developing new skills.

Up, up and away!

The Plum Swing Set range includes sustainably sourced round poles made from whole tree trunks which are stripped of their bark, trimmed to size and left to retain their natural charm and strength. Built for a healthy playtime and packed full of fun features, each frame will encourage year round physical and imaginative play.

The Plum Create Your Own Swing Set range is designed for the way you want to play. Simply choose your frame, decide on your colour and pick your interchangeable play accessories.

“When I first showed the kids a sneak peak of the Create a Swing package that was available through Plum Play, I was so happy to see the excited expressions on their little faces. We were long over due for an upgrade and for years Rylee had been asking for a basket swing like the “cool ones” they have at the public playgrounds. We sat down as a family and talked about what features they wanted most of all in their set. Although this part was quite difficult we finally agreed that a slide and basket swing were our top picks! Installation was a success and the kids have barely been inside ever since LOL. The slide and basket swing are both very generous in size and are definitely made to stand the test of time. I love how sturdy the frame is and very pleased with the overall quality. We now are the talk of the neighbourhood and the kids friends have so much fun here that they never want to leave. Thank you Plum Play they will still be swinging in years to come!”

Sam Walker, Mummy Blogger

Love to climb!

Free play helps children develop confidence and express themselves through problem solving whilst overcoming fears. A climbing frame can be whatever a child wants it to be… a place to let off steam and create stories. Climbing will increase hand, feet and eye coordination and stimulate the mind.

Let’s tell stories, explore and make believe with friends!

With a wooden playhouse at the bottom of the garden, children have an outdoor hideaway that they can call their very own. Choose the Wooden Cubby House in teal for something classic and colourful, or the Wooden Teepee Hideaway or Nature Play Hideaway for hours of fun outdoor play.

Shop the Adventure Play range now!

Imagine and Role Play

Give presence to a child’s world of make believe!

Role Play

With Plum Play’s range of Indoor Role Play Toys, children can explore new interests and passions whilst learning problem solving and communication skills through language and movement.

Choose from feature rich wooden play kitchens, action-packed activity tables or traditional wooden dolls houses.

Cook up a storm!

For mini bakers to master chefs, Plum Australia has the kitchen to cook a feast fit for a king. Browse traditional role play kitchens or take a look at Interactive Kitchens, which are brought to life with sounds and animation. Looking for something different? A space-saving 2 in 1 Kitchen and Dolls House will keep children, siblings and friends entertained!

m n o

Build new worlds!

A wooden doll house will keep little ones entertained for hours as they rearrange furniture and inject fun into a fantasy-filled world. Choose from Plum Australia’s traditional wooden dolls houses, or a contemporary 2 in 1 Wooden Dolls House and Kitchen combining cooking and drawing with imaginative role play.

l j k

Play pretend!

Play sets inspire children to imagine new worlds and possibilities.

r q p

Be inspired…

2roarasaur 3roarasaur 2roarasaur

“After nearly 8 years of being a mum of 3 kids the amount of storage we have left in our home has diminished. This means that when looking for toys for the kids birthdays and Christmas presents I am always in search of something that will not only get a lot of use but will be easy to pack up and store away. The Roar-a-saur roll away base simply sides under the bed after being played with. When it is time to get it out it is easy for any of the kids to pull out and it can be set back up in no time at all. I love that the base of the table can be flipped over to reveal a second scene and I am also really impressed with the size of table. A number of kids can be sitting around it at time so it is great for when their friends come over also.!”

Sam Walker, Mummy Blogger

3playkitchen 2playkitchen 1playkitchen

“When we were asked to collaborate with Plum Play, of course I jumped at the chance! We have a few things from their range already so I know what great quality their products are. When I told the kids they were getting the Plum Cookie kitchen, they were so excited! The reason I chose the kitchen is because Mason loves to watch and help me cook at home, so I knew he would love it. Their Dad did a great job of building it, it was pretty easy too! Of course it took a bit longer with little helpers who couldn’t wait to play! Our favourite feature would have to be the interactive element, using the Plumplay app as the microwave really got the kids excited, and I’ll admit I loved having a turn myself! It has been so lovely to watch both boys bond over their kitchen, and they love when Mum and Dad get involved too. It’s a toy that I know will last for years to come, as it’s perfect for all ages. My boys are two years apart and they both have great imagination for ‘cooking.’ Whenever anyone comes over, the kitchen is the first thing Mason shows them! I’d highly recommend it for any kids play room or bedroom. They will love it!”

Kate Flegman, Mummy Blogger

3superspacerocket 1superspacerocket 2superspacerocket

“My boys have learnt so much about space, astronauts and space creatures with this space rocket…as it comes with ALL the accessories and small toys as pictured. Hugh is playing with the alien which comes in the huge set of wooden toys in the rocket.”

Eliza Hamilton, Mummy Blogger

Shop the Role Play range now!

2017 Winner of the Toy and Hobby Retailer Awards – Preschool Product of the Year!

We are honoured to have won the Preschool Product of the Year Award for our Wooden Teepee Hideaway range!

The below blog is a repost of the Toy and Hobby Retailer Article –

Plum Play Australia is a specialist in active play, with quality, innovation, safety and fun at the heart of the Plum brand.

A testament to the company’s success in inspiring children to flourish and grow is the upcoming celebration of its 30th birthday this year.

Since it was founded in 1988, Plum Play Australia has grown into a global business, supplying over 40 countries with toys for children aged from 18 months to 18 years.

Plum Play Australia’s product portfolio has accumulated a host of international awards that spans its core range of trampolines, climbing frames, playhouses, swing sets, scooters, picnic tables, sensory play and indoor role play.

As a company, Plum recognises that in this digital age, it’s more important than ever to motivate children to play outdoors and engage with nature in the safety of their own backyard.

The Wooden Teepee Hideaway range allows children to jump, swing, slide, hide and play while giving presence to an imaginary world, and in so doing, creating cherished childhood memories to last a lifetime.

This beautiful playhouse in the shape of a teepee can form the centre of adventure in a garden for a child, offering an ideal space for creative play, picnics and storytelling.

The Wooden Teepee Hideaways are crafted from sustainably sourced, pre-treated FSC wood that will last for years to come and needs no sanding or coating.

The Teepees are available in two sizes: the 2.3m tall Great Teepee, ideal for small gardens, and the 3.3m Grand Teepee for medium to large gardens.

They can be kept natural or considered to be a blank canvas that will inspire creative customisation with paint and stencils to create a unique garden clubhouse.

“One of the most wonderful characteristics of our Wooden Teepee Hideaway is that it lends itself to boys and girls with a variety of interests and personalities,” Jonathan Schaffer, Plum Play Australia founder, told Toy & Hobby Retailer.

“We’ve received feedback from many of our customers with children who have ideas to customise and personalise their very own teepee,” he says.

“From a dinosaur sanctuary, to a fairy garden palace, to a nautical beach shack, to wild west themes and beyond… There is truly no limit to the imagination. It’s also a fantastic bonding experience for family and friends.

“Our new product development team always has their finger on the pulse, setting trends as well as being at the forefront of them. As the first Wooden Teepee to hit the Australian market, we are proud of the impact we have been able to create in the toy industry.”

Toy and Hobby Retailer 2017 Awards
Toy and Hobby Retailer 2017 Awards

Read more:

Explore the range: