Top 20 Play Ideas for the School Holidays! 

Looking for fun ideas to keep your little ones entertained this Summer?!   

Here are our top 20 play ideas to inspire young imaginations to flourish and grow! 

  1. Create a mini eco centre in your garden! Tend to the flowers and trim the buds! 15
  2. Cool off with a refreshing drink, make pink lemonade or a red fire engine! 6
  3. Bask in mist spray and play with the sprinkler. 14
  4. Build stately sand castles, construct towering turrets and don’t forget to dig out the moat! 13
  5. Make a secret garden den… adventure awaits! Wooden Teepee Hideaway
  6. Mix, mush and mould a magical, muddy mud pie and top it with a pine cone! 3
  7. Put on a puppet show! Sound the applause! Encore, encore! 1
  8. Host a picnic party for all your friends and family! 5
  9. Play with dolls and dinosaurs, create a world of fun! 19
  10. Slip, dip and slide! Enjoy the ride! 12
  11. Look out for birds and identify all the breeds! 10
  12. Make water bombs! Splish and splash! 2
  13. Reach for the stars and jump for joy! 8
  14. Cook up a storm and bake special treats! 4
  15. Create an obstacle course, army boot camp! 18
  16. Learn balance, coordination, agility and strength! 20
  17. Venture into space on and explore far away galaxies! 17
  18. Post letters to your pen pals! 201
  19. Paint a masterpiece!9
  20. Scoot in style! 11

Plum Play wish you and your family a fantastic Summer holidays! 


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