4 Trampoline Games To Play This Summer

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High energy trampoline games are a wonderful way for children to get outdoors, stay active and make use of the garden. We all know kids can be full of endless playtime enthusiasm, so why not reward that with some trampoline accessories and equipment to aid the fun? These trampoline based activities will have you set for school holidays, play dates and weekends. Some games they can engage with independently and some are great for parents to get involved with. You can ensure the safety of your child parkating in these games by investing in a good quality kids trampoline with net or safe trampoline with additional safety features. Plum Play has a range of Junior Trampolines and Premium Trampolines built with tons of safety details for added precaution. 

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You can find plenty of trampolines with nets and enclosures on our website. The Bowl Freebound Trampoline is a fantastic option for outdoor games and one of the best 14 ft trampolines on the market. With its curved shape designed to maximise functionality and form, this is the ultimate thrill-seeking experience. The freebound traditional flatbed trampoline is still there, but the bowl trampoline is revolutionised with the curved track. Not only will they be bouncing off the walls, but your little one will remain secured inside at the same time. If it’s been approved by an Olympian athlete, then you can be assured that it’s got to be good! The 8ft SpaceZone Springsafe Trampoline is also an incredible option that makes for bouncing heaven. Complete with Springsafe™ technology, they can play any game they want without tripping or hurting themselves. Now let’s jump right into the games.

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1. Catch and Bounce 

Got a tennis ball lying around? Perfect! That’s all you need to increase the bounce level in your backyard. A ball-based game, it requires youngsters to time their bounce so that they catch the ball in the air. A 2 person game, it requires one person to stand outside the trampoline and one to be the catcher inside, meaning it’s a great opportunity for parents to get involved as the thrower. Your child can accumulate points for each catch won out of 10.

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2. Piggy in the Middle

The fun doesn’t stop there! A throwback on a classic childhood game with a twitst, this fun-filled activity requires three players: one being the piggy in the middle of the trampoline, and the two others positioned on either side of the trampoline from outside. The players outside of the trampoline then take turns passing the ball between one another, as the child inside attempts to catch the ball.

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3. Bounce to The Beat

This is a game of timing, coordination and expertly refined jumping skills! Plug in your device to some speakers or crank up your phone on loudspeaker and play some of your favourite tunes. This bouncing version of the capture the treasure game we played as kids, it makes for an exciting party game. Children can jog about the perimeter of the trampoline while music plays and when the parent yells “bounce”, they must bounce to the beat of the song. Anybody who is still standing when the music stops or the song changes is ‘out’, and those left standing are the winners. 

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4. Trampoline Basketball

Just like it sounds, a basketball net for your trampoline will allow your little basketball start to shoot hoops while bouncing up a storm. Take a look at our Basketball Hoops and Accessories, such as the Trampoline Accessory Kit and Trampoline Basketball Kit. A trampoline with basketball hoop is your ideal year-round trampoline game and is great for slightly bigger kids aged 6 years and older. Find out which family member is the sharpest shooter, with this trampoline basketball hoop designed to be enjoyed by the whole family. Compatible with Plum Spacezone and Magnitude Trampolines, it works with the trampolines between 8ft – 14ft. Your kids can flex their bounce and ball skills with this amazing accessory. Not only does it provide hours of energetic fun, but it is super safe too! Built with soft EVA foam to cover hard edges. Parents can relax because your sportstar won’t come into contact with any hard edges. 

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At Plum Play we sell kids trampoline, trampolines for toddlers and trampoline accessories, so bounce on over to our website to browse the collection. Shop now!

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